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In 2014, Orion Scoring System developed the National Air Rifle League as a revolutionary new platform for both developing and elite Air Rifle teams from throughout the nation to compete in an affordable and meaningful way. Since then, the National Air Rifle League has grown into the largest air rifle league in the world! In 2022 alone, over 160 teams competed. Following the success of the Air Rifle League in developing young athletes and promoting the sport, we developed the National Air Rifle "New Shooter" League and the National Air Pistol League in 2018.

Why join one of Orion's National Leagues?

  • It's affordable! It's only $120 per team, per season, to compete in a League.

  • Compete virtually, on your own time, against teams from throughout the nation from the comfort of your home range. 

  • Athletes are well-awarded! In addition to participation awards for all athletes and teams, additional awards can be earned based on overall performance and improvement. 

  • There is no limit to the number of athletes that may compete. If you have a large team, you are not excluded!

  • With Orion's dynamic scheduling algorithm, competition parity is unmatched. Developing teams compete against developing teams. Advanced teams compete against advanced teams.


The National Air Rifle League is the LARGEST Air Rifle league in the world! Over 160 JROTC and junior rifle club teams from all over the nation participated in 2022. This League takes place in the fall and has a division for both Sporter and Precision Air Rifle. 

Learn more about the Air Rifle League


The "New Shooter" Air Rifle League is intended for athletes in their first year of competition. This spring League allows new athletes an opportunity to compete against other developing teams. There's only a Sporter division.

Learn more about the New Shooter League


The National Air Pistol League is Orion's first international league! This League is unique in that all age groups are eligible to compete. This spring league is intended for both elite and developing Air Pistol competitors.

Learn more about the Air Pistol League

Interested in learning how to run a League Game? Check out the video below!

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