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The Orion Scoring System is a revolutionary blend of tools, designed specifically for the shooting sports, encompassing the scoring, match management, and result systems. Orion is unique in the world of shooting. Its functionality goes well beyond "just a scoring system." It is built on the principal that scoring targets is just the first step. To be truly useful, a scoring system must be flexible and provide higher levels of functionality. This philosophy is one reason why Orion is the only scoring system in the world to include integrated online results, shot group analysis, and natively support Virtual Matches, and team leagues.

Orion's Leagues allow teams from throughout the country to compete virtually in an exciting, affordable, and spectator-friendly way. The leagues seek to create a meaningful national competition for both elite and developing teams.


erik 2.JPG

Erik Anderson


I earned a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Kentucky and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Kansas. Before inventing Orion, I was a software engineer/researcher.


I began shooting at a young age, spending afternoons learning to shoot smallbore. I shot for Kentucky, leading my team to their first four NCAA finishes. I was the first Junior Air Rifle National Champion. I am a member of the National Three-Position Air Rifle Council and a 15-year member on the International Shooting Sports Federation’s Committee for Electronic Scoring Targets.


Zachary Snell



My experience in small business development and education provide a unique skill set suited to dealing with the logistical challenges posed by providing Orion’s services across the country.


I hold degrees in education and literature and have been a teacher and administrator in K-12 and undergraduate programs.


Daniel Schekorra


I've been a part-time employee with Orion since 2014. I live in Springfield, MO, working in nonprofit fund development by day. I manage the social media accounts, media outreach, team pictures, league surveys, website maintenance, program updates, and email communication for the leagues. 

Greg Glatt.jpg

Greg Glatt



I've worked for Orion part-time since 2016 wearing many hats — from managing the IT to sales and support of the software. I also do information technology consulting for small- to medium-size businesses local to the Washington DC metropolitan area.

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