National Air Pistol League

GRRP Air Pistol Team
GRRP Air Pistol Team

St Benedicts Bedfordview
St Benedicts Bedfordview


League Description

Orion's National Air Pistol League is a growing League! Numerous teams from all over the nation and the globe (yes, the Air Pistol League was our first international league!) compete virtually from the comfort of their home ranges. 2021 marks the fourth annual season. The Air Pistol League takes place each spring and is open to ALL Ages and welcomes both developing and elite shooters.

The Air Pistol League is governed by USA Shooting.

The 2021 season will have structural changes to account for COVID-19. Please read the League program in its entirety.

Season Schedule

  • 11 weeks: January to April

  • One game each week against another team in the league. Each team gets three bye weeks, competing in a total of seven matches, with the final week being used only for rescheduled matches.

  • Each game is a 60 shot course of fire.

Team Eligibility

  • Both junior age group and open age group athletes are eligible.

  • Team members must be active, participating members of the same local club; all star teams are not allowed.

  • Teams must be composed of at least four eligible athletes.

  • Athletes competing in PPP's Standing Supported or Basic Supported may compete for score only, but not count towards the team total.


To help encourage the development of young athletes and recognize top performers, we provide as many awards as possible to deserving teams and their team members.

  • Each athlete from each team will receive a participation pin.

  • Each athlete will receive a specially designed league sticker that may be placed on his or her pistol or gear box.

  • A league banner for each participating team.

  • Engraved medals for each athlete from each team in the top 40% of teams. The top three teams will receive specially designed medals.

  • A banner for each team in the top 40% of teams. The top three teams will receive specially designed banners.

Additional Information

Download the League Program for full details on the National Air Pistol League. Always feel free to contact us if you have any questions!