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Frequently Asked Questions...and Answers!

Do I have to be an Orion System customer to be in the League. 

Yes, you need to have an active Orion Scoring System license to compete. Visit the Orion Scoring System website or contact us for information on obtaining an Orion license. 

How much does it cost per team?

It is only $100 per team per season to compete in any of the Orion Leagues, regardless of how many athletes you have competing! New Orion customers are eligible for complimentary registration for one season of one League within the first year of having a license. 

How many athletes can participate?

There is no maximum...all eligible athletes on your team are welcome to participate; however, you must have at least four athletes on your team to be eligible.

Will we be competing against teams of our own relative skill level?

We have taken steps to ensure competition parity in our leagues. In the National Air Rifle League, we have the Champions Division (meant for elite teams) and the Distinguished Division (meant for developing teams). In all leagues, we have developed an algorithm for dynamic scheduling! The first two weeks in the leagues are scheduled completely randomly. Beginning in the third week of the season, matches are scheduled based on prior performance. 

As a virtual league, how do you ensure ethical practices by all teams?

We have implemented many measures to ensure scoring integrity. 

  • Teams eligible for the Champions Division must average a minimum qualifying score in last year’s League, and also shot the minimum qualifying score in at least one sanctioned regional competition in the past year. This change is to help ensure teams have passed at least one equipment control check, and have proven to be able to shoot eligible scores in a shoulder to shoulder competition outside of the league.

  • Targets are periodically reviewed for correct scoring. Failure to abide by the scoring rules could result in an additional 2 point penalty for each instance. 

  • Coaches are given a script to follow to include instructions for running a League game. 

  • We host a webinar before the beginning of each season to speak directly with coaches and make our expectations clear

  • We have very detailed and inclusive league programs

Questions about how to operate Orion Scoring System?

Check out the FAQs on the Orion Scoring System page. If you can't find your answer, contact us!

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