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National Air Rifle League

The 2023 National Air Rifle League

League Description

Orion's National Air Rifle League is THE LARGEST Air Rifle league in the world! Over 160 teams competed in 2021 alone. The League is meant for both developing and elite teams, and there are separate divisions for Sporter and Precision. 

The Sporter discipline is made up of five conferences: (1) Army JROTC, (2) Marine Corps JROTC, (3) Navy JROTC, (4) Air Force / Space Force JROTC, and (5) Jr. Rifle Clubs. The Precision Discipline has two conferences: (1) JROTC and (2) Jr. Rifle Clubs. The Precision conference has two divisions, Champions and Distinguished, while the Sport conference has three divisions, Champions, Distinguished and Elite. Teams are placed into their respective divisions based on performance in previous competitions.

The Air Rifle League is governed by the National Standard Three-Position Air Rifle Rules.

Season Schedule

              COACHES MEETING - Replay ===>>>  YouTube Link

  • 4 week optional preseason in September

  • 8 week regular season from September to November

  • Teams compete in one game each week against another team in the League. Each team gets one bye week, competing in a total of seven matches.

Postseason Schedule​

  • 3 week postseason from November to December

  • In the Sporter Champions Division, there are two postseason tournaments: (1) the Championship Tournament, which determines the league winner, and (2) the Invitational Tournament, which allows additional deserving teams to participate in the postseason.

  • The Precision Champions Division has a single Championship Tournament to determine the league winner.

  • All tournaments include eight teams and are single-elimination.

Team Eligibility

  • All athletes and teams eligible under the National Three-Position Air Rifle Rules are eligible to compete.

  • Each school or club may register one Sporter team and one Precision team.

  • A team must have four or more air rifle athletes with a coach from a single school or club.

  • All athletes on your team may compete.

  • In each game, only the top four scores will count towards the team total.


To help encourage the development of young athletes and recognize top performers, we provide as many awards as possible to deserving teams and their team members.

  • The League offers additional awards for the top performing teams in each conference and division. 

  • Participation pin for each athlete.

  • League sticker for each athlete.

  • League poster for each participating team.

  • Engraved medals for each athlete participating with the team during the postseason.

  • A banner for each team participating in the postseason.

Additional Information

Download the League Program for full details on the National Air Rifle League. Always feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

League Merchandise



Each registered team will receive a poster automatically in late September.
You can click above if you want to order additional posters. $8.00 each

2023 Scopos National Air Rifle League Poster $8.00



T shirts are available for purchase. Click above to order.


2023 Scopos National Air Rifle League T-Shirt $24.00


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