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2018 Air Rifle League Regular Season Recap

Granbury MCJROTC, Gulfport MCJROTC, Lebanon AJROTC, Saint Thomas Academy, South Panola AFJROTC and Zion Benton NJROTC all Repeat as Conference Champions

After 10 weeks of action and 180 games played, the regular season Champions Division Conference Champions have been named. The Champions Division, for both Sporter and Precision, are reserved for the top teams in the country. Many of the teams will advance to the postseason, starting after Thanksgiving, to compete for the league title.

Conference champions in the Champions Division are determined by each team’s success during the regular season. Teams are ranked by a combination of their seasonal average plus win loss record. With this new format, six teams successfully repeated as conference champions.

Granbury MCJROTC wins the Precision JROTC Conference. This is their second straight and third overall conference title. Fountain Fort Carson AJROTC is second and Piedra Vista AJROTC is third.

In the Precision Junior Rifle Club Conference, Georgia Competitive Shooters wins their third conference title. Robinson High School is second and Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club is third.

South Panola AFJROTC wins their second straight Sporter Air Force Conference title. Sickles AFJROTC is second O’Connor AFJROTC is third.

In the highly contested Sporter Army JROTC Conference Lebanon AJROTC repeats as the winner. Pueblo County AJROTC is second Summerlin Academy AJROTC is third.

Saint Thomas Academy wins their second straight Sporter Junior Rifle Club Conference title. Warrenton Rifles is second and Humbolt Sharpshooters is third.

Seemingly unbeatable Gulfport MCJROTC rolls to their fourth straight Sporter Marine Corps JROTC Conference title. In four years in the league Gulfport MCJROTC has amassed a 30 - 0 regular season record and 37 - 1 overall record. Nation Ford MCJROTC is second in the conference and Selma MCJROTC is third.

Despite losing their final regular season game Zion Benton NJROTC wins their fourth straight Sporter Navy JROTC conference title. In four years of league play, Zion Benton is 29 - 1 in the regular season and 31 - 4 overall. Cross Creek NJROTC is second and South Effingham NJROTC is third.

Distinguished Division Conference Title Games Announced

In the Distinguished Division, conference winners are determined by a one game conference title game during the postseason. Selection into the conference title game is based on the 8 week regular season. The top two teams from each conference advance. There were a total of 391 games played in the Distinguished Division this year.

In the Precision Distinguished Division, North Gwinnett High School and Alaska Eagle Eye Shooting Club will compete for the Junior Rifle Club title. Abraham Lincoln AJROTC and C.T. Johnson AJROTC will compete for the JROTC title.

In the Sporter Distinguished Division, Clark AFJROTC and Earl Warren AFJROTC will compete for the Air Force JROTC title. North Mesquite AJROTC and West Broward AJROTC will compete for the Army JROTC title. Binghamton Rifle Club and Versailles American Legion will compete for the Junior Rifle Club title. United South MCJROTC and Northeast MCJROTC will compete for the Marine Corps JROTC title. Norview NJROTC and McDowell NJROTC will compete for the Navy JROTC title.

Distinguished Division conference title games will take place after Thanksgiving, 26 November to 2 December 2018.

There are two big differences in the conference title games versus the regular season games. First, teams are limited to only five athletes each, with the top four scores counting. Second, the course of fire is increased to 60 shots. In the Precision Conference title games, teams shoot 60 shots standing. In the Sporter Conference title games teams shoot a 3x20.

Seeding into the Postseason Tournaments Announced

There are three postseason tournaments, two in the Sporter league and one in the Precision league. To be eligible for a postseason tournament teams have to compete in the Champions Division of their respective league. The Championship Tournaments, for both Sporter and Precision, will determine the league champion.

Seeding is based on a team’s performance during the regular season, which is a combination of their seasonal average the win-loss record. Each tournament progresses a single elimination tournament, for three weeks, until the winner is crowned.

Precision Championship Tournament

1. Granbury MCJROTC (7 - 0)

2. Georgia Competitive Shooters (6 - 1)

3. Robinson High School (5 - 2)

4. Rio Salado Sportsman's Club (4 - 3)

5. Fountain Fort Carson AJROTC (4 - 3)

6. Stratford PAL Jr. Rifle Club (3 - 4)

7. Columbus High School (4 - 3)

8. Piedra Vista AJROTC (5 - 2)

Sporter Championship Tournament

1. Zion Benton NJROTC (6 - 1)

2. Gulfport MCJROTC (7 - 0)

3. Lebanon AJROTC (7 - 0)

4. Pueblo County AJROTC (5 - 2)

5. Summerlin Academy AJROTC (4 - 3)

6. Saint Thomas Academy (5 - 2)

7. Nation Ford MCJROTC (5 - 2)

8. South Panola AFJROTC (4 - 3)

Sporter Invitational Tournament

1. Cross Creek NJROTC (5 - 2)

2. North Brunswick AJROTC (3 - 2)

3. Selma MCJROTC (2 - 5)

4. South Effingham NJROTC (4 - 3)

5. Sickles AFJROTC (2 - 5)

6. Denver North AJROTC (3 - 4)

7. Tombstone AJROTC (1 - 6)

8. Fountain Fort Carson AJROTC (4 - 3)

There are two big differences in the postseason tournament games versus the regular season games. First, teams are limited to only five athletes each, with the top four scores counting. Second, the course of fire is increased to 60 shots. Precision Conference teams shoot 60 shots standing, Sporter teams shoot a 3x20.

The postseason tournaments start after Thanksgiving on 26 November 2018.

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